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 Me. Alex Lockwood. Creative Director, Designer, UX Professional.
"your about page should be about why you do what you do, not a list of skills and crap."

I couldn't agree more. Even if it was an aggressive subtweet about a fellow designer. I only wish he didn't delete it afterward so I could link to it. 

I recognize patterns. I hate when things are more difficult than they need to be. I can harness patterns to make things clearer. I also love art. I can make it pretty so it doesn't offend the senses.

I'm an activator. I bring people together around an idea. I may not dance, but I'll be the first at the party to suggest a board game or a good drink. I appreciate the collective energy and knowledge working in a group gives me access to. I'm good at organizing people and processes to get things done.

I grew up on the internet. People's behavior online fascinates me. How we use software and react to new gadgets is exciting to me. I love that people will always find ways to break your thing or do it better. This creates endless challenge and learning opportunities. Creating and curating digital experiences and art is an ongoing process. In my opinion this is much more exciting than the finite world of traditional marketing.