Urbach Monuments




Creative direction, branding, identity and guidelines for use of the Urbach Monuments family of companies. Knowing that users of this family of sites would be under stress, a tasteful layout, color and font choices were crafted to ensure that users were comfortable and the site was approachable and easy to use. In-depth information architecture with sitemap and wireframing resulted in a responsive website design with a centralized content management system that controls and can spawn a limitless number of sub-branded sites.



Legendary quality and craftsmanship, superior service.
Brand guidelines to ensure consistency across a large family of sub-brands.
System for creating sub-branded logos.
Tasteful palette of neutral colors sampled from Rock of Ages stone products.
Mobile-first information architecture considerations for responsive website design.
Urbach Monuments homepage. The art of remembrance.
Carefully crafted vector SVG elements provide a high-end finish regardless of screen size and pixel density.
Empathy for users led to a clean, simple design and emotional, comforting imagery.
Hassle-free UI and accessibility cater to the needs of a user-base that has more important things to think about.
Business card layouts and card stock recommendations help carry the brand into the physical world.